smooth lined road surface going into the distance with fields either side

Each year in February Island Roads carries out a customer survey asking residents to feedback on the range of services we provide, as part of our work to improve the highway network on the Island.

The survey is part of a range of measures that we use to review our services and helps us to determine how we can improve our performance year-on-year.

The short survey includes questions covering aspects of our work from road surfacing and maintenance to street cleansing, verge and grass cutting together with our customer services operations.

Since we started our highway improvement programme in April 2013, a significant volume of the roads, pavements, structures (bridges and walls) and street furniture (benches, signs etc) across the Island have been upgraded, new streetlighting installed and improvements made to other highway services.  However, we are keen to continue our regular dialogue with the public to help us understand where improvements can still be made.

As an organisation we are committed to delivering our work to the highest standards, not just in terms of our contractual obligations but also to the satisfaction of the local community.  Your views are therefore important to us.

We are very grateful for the number of compliments that we receive on individual aspects of our work each month, but this survey allows us to gauge people’s views across wider aspects of our service, so we can determine where we might need to make further improvements.

The annual customer survey 2023 has now closed and we are analysing your responses.  We are extremely grateful to all those who took the time to participate and share their views with us.

Thank you!