Accessing the Riverside Centre in Newport for vaccinations

Posted on: February 1, 2021 at 10:41 am

Due to the expected demand and to ensure that people can access the Riverside Centre effectively, there will be some temporary changes to the highway. A partial one-way system will be put in place to access and leave the harbour area in private vehicles.

People who are being vaccinated, as well as harbour users, will need to travel into the area via Fairlee Road, through Seaclose. There will be no access to the Harbour via Sea Street.

Pay and display parking and drop of points will be made available on the harbour.

When leaving the Riverside Centre or harbour, vehicles can exit over the bridge via Sea Street, or can return via Seaclose and Fairlee Road.

These routes will be signposted and marshals will be provided on the approach to the Riverside Centre. We hope that this will not inconvenience people, but will enable them to quickly and easily visit the site to ensure as many people can receive their vaccination as possible.

Pedestrians can access the site on foot from any direction.