Our support

The Isle of Wight Foundation was formed to help tackle social exclusion through two main themes – access to employment and building better communities.

Applications are invited from charities, not for profit and community interest organisations seeking support within the following six key areas:

1. Integration through work

Projects which support those currently excluded from the job market to adapt to the working world, while also receiving the training and support they need.

2. Access to housing

Projects that facilitate access to housing for the most underprivileged individuals to provide them with more stability.

3. Training and qualifications

Projects that offer basic training and guidance to enable individuals with no qualifications to enter the working world.

4. Road back to employment

Initiatives that help people to reduce the factors restricting their mobility and improve the mobility of people deprived by a means of transportation, thereby allowing them easier access to employment, health care and education.

5. Social integration

Projects to support people who are excluded from society, to help them regain self-confidence, recover a decent standard of living, accomplish day-to-day activities and integrate with society.

6. Youth and citizenship

Initiatives aimed at promoting citizenship and responsibility among young people.


Projects applying for funding also have to meet key criteria in order to qualify for support. These are focused around the following principles:

Lasting commitment

Projects which are sustainable and can provide permanent employment or activities that benefit the Island community.

Employee engagement

Projects with which the IW Foundation can link support from its employees – whether providing advice, contacts, expertise, skills, training ad practical, physical support which can help develop individuals involved.

Social innovation

Projects or initiative which seek innovative solutions to tackle social exclusion.


Projects and initiatives are sought that can make a measurable impact on the community within the specified 12-month period.


Any projects submitted are required to be compliant with relevant legislation and should be able to evidence their constitution as a charity, community or not-for-profit groups and their ability to manage any grant funding effectively. Certain funding criteria must also be met and restrictions apply.