How do we decide which section of road or pavement to treat first?

A programme of work has been created following detailed inspections and mechanical scanning of the roads to get a full analysis of the condition – not just the visual appearance of any defects e.g. potholes and rutting on the roads but, more importantly, a deep scan which helps to tell us about the underlying stability and condition of the road beneath the surface.

This has created a sequencing of works and determined the type of treatment required for different sections of road and pavements to bring the network up to the required standards at an equal pace across the Island.

Not all sections of a road will require the same treatment (there are in fact some 160 different types of treatment) and in some cases existing sections of roads may be of a suitable condition to not warrant immediate treatment. In the short term this may potentially lead to some differences in the appearance in a road but over time this will become less apparent.

We also write to residents in an area before work starts and put out information signs with specific dates and times of works being undertaken. Any road closures are also advertised in the County Press and current works by street can be found here and provided to the local media.

The works programme is subject to adverse weather conditions which may result in changes to the timescales of work but we will ensure that residents are made aware of any such changes.