district steward (man) standing by road overlooking Freshwater Bay

A great career in a fabulous location

Do you want to make the best of yourself in your career but still have a great life outside of work for you and your family?

If yes is the answer (and why wouldn’t it be?) then working with Island Roads on the Isle of Wight is the perfect solution. You get to be part of a highly professional company in a role that makes a positive difference in a location that is ideal for achieving the perfect work-life balance.

The Island has an abundance of natural beauty, a strong sense of community and, led by the revival of the iconic Isle of Wight Festival, has undergone a cultural renaissance that makes it a truly vibrant entertainment hub.

The Island boasts a stunning coastline and countless beaches, dramatic downland and swathes of unspoiled countryside making it perfect for those seeing the thrill of outdoor activity or just the tranquillity of a rural idyl.

And with London only two hours away and the twin cities of Southampton and Portsmouth a short ferry ride across the Solent, you can enjoy the buzz of island life while remaining in easy reach of the mainland UK.

straight road next to the sea

Island Roads – delivering UK-leading highways infrastructure

Island Roads has been improving and maintaining the Isle of Wight highways infrastructure since 2013.

That year, a 25-year Highways PFI came into force which has transformed the Island’s roads network from one of the worst in the country to one of the best. The Island was one of just three UK areas – and the only rural one – to gain massive Government funding to undertake a comprehensive overhaul of its highways network.

Ten years on, what was the Island’s largest ever engineering project has treated 90 per cent (567 kilometres) of the Island’s A roads and 71 per cent of the overall800km-plus network.

While great strides have already been made, Island Roads undertakes an active annual programme of improvement and maintenance work to ensure the network remains at this high standard. The island’s geography presents additional challenges to this work – half of the county is designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and there is a need to ensure work does not impinge on the critical tourism industry. In addition, the Island’s unique geology which includes Europe’s largest active landslip area provides further professional challenges not least for the award-winning structures team which is responsible for 199 bridges, culverts, viaducts, tunnels, subways and embankments as well as 568 retaining walls.

A busy operations and maintenance team delivers services keeping the network to the high standards required by the PFI contract. As such, Island Roads teams also:

  • Cut 4,294,756 sqm of grass per year
  • Clear 18,371 gullies per year
  • Sweep 21,806 km of roads per year
  • Empty 11 283,623 litter bins each year
  • Empty 77,563 dog bins every year
  • Monitor the Island’s CCTV network
  • Provide a comprehensive winter maintenance service including gritting

With 200 staff working from two main bases near Newport, the company is also proud to be an active part of the local community, supporting it through our volunteer programme and through the Isle of Wight Foundation – made up of partners behind Island Roads – which has donated around three quarters of a million pounds to local good causes.

five people and two ability dogs standing in front of a vehicle

Island Roads – a local company with international connections

Though proud to be based on the Isle of Wight, Island Roads is part of a truly international business family. Operating as part of Ringway who look after over 50,000kms of the UK’s highway network, our parent company is the UK-leading construction company Vinci Construction which in turn is owned by the global Vinci organisation.  This means that not only can the company draw on world-renowned expertise and technology, it also is part of a network that offers fantastic career advancement opportunities in the UK and further afield.

But the essence of working with Island Roads is playing a key role in work to transform the Island’s infrastructure. From the upgrading of the Island’s streetlighting stock to LED streetlamps that save energy and reduce light pollution, to introducing environmental features into many of its improvement schemes, Island Roads is a powerful force in the sustainable upgrade of the Isle of Wight’s highway network.

aerial view of two roundabouts at night lit up by street lamps