Managing the Roads

To ensure that residents and service users are fully involved in the shaping and delivery of the service, Island Roads has structured the new highway service to ensure that we coordinate and prioritise works and scheme programmes around the Island to maximise network availability and highway response.

The Isle of Wight Council is still responsible for setting policy about the highway, such as adopting private roads, and identifying improvements to the public highway. In addition, they are responsible for managing the contract that we have to provide a high quality highway maintenance service on the Island. If you have any questions about any of these issues, please visit or telephone 01983 821 000.

Streetworks permit scheme

A new permit scheme designed to give better control over works by utility companies and other contractors on the highway network is to be introduced from 30th March 2020.  You can find out more information about this scheme here.

Our Operations Hub

Island Roads’ teams will coordinate our works through the ‘Operations Hub’ at our main office in Newport. This Hub combines a Customer Help Desk and Visitor Centre, with works programming, and scheduling to carefully plan network availability. This allows our teams to be focussed on making sure that we make the best use of the current highway network, given all the competing demands upon it whilst supporting our teams to maintain and improve the highway.

The Island has been divided into six districts with each having its own ‘District Steward’. As ambassadors for the highway service in these areas, they will be actively engaged with key stakeholders within each District to develop a responsive, local service. These local relationships will bring real benefit to local communities by ensuring that any disruption is carefully managed and planned, taking full account of local priorities and events.

Additional information relating to network management functions can be found on the links below: