Photo showing a rebuilt road and parapet

Geotechnical Schemes

Island Roads have developed a programme to improve long-term geological issues across the Island.

However, due to the changing nature of the Island’s geology, this programme may vary to ensure that we prioritise schemes to safeguard the public.

One of the first of these schemes was a multi-million pound project at Bouldnor Road – the main approach into Yarmouth – the work involved strengthening a 700-metre stretch of the highway between the Viewpoint Car Park and Yarmouth Green. The scheme involved the use of specialist equipment to drive 750 steel sheet piles up to 16 metres in to the ground, a process called ‘soil nailing’ to stabilise the highway at the Yarmouth end of the scheme.

We also carried out a major scheme to strengthen Duver Road in St Helens  (main picture) including installing 45 concrete piles eleven metres into the ground and the void beneath the road being filled with a concrete-based material.  As part of the scheme the footpath was rebuilt and a new post and rail timber fence installed.

Other schemes completed include Whitwell Road (Ventnor), Westhill Lane (Yarmouth), Gills Cliff Road (Ventnor), Castle Court (Ventnor), La Falaise footpath, Winter Gardens footpath, Blackgang Old Access Road, The Terrace (Chale), part of Undercliff Drive (Ventnor) and Newport Road (Graben).