Highway Flooding

Working together to ‘ditch’ the problem of highway flooding

Flood water on the highway is a nuisance for everyone.  It can be caused by overflow from rivers and streams, badly drained land, blocked ditches, high tides and stormy conditions or simply by prolonged heavy rain overwhelming the drainage capacity.

We’re working hard, together with the Isle of Wight Council (the Lead Local Flood Authority) and the Environment Agency, to tackle drainage and surface water problems on the Island’s roads.

We’re using high pressure jets to clear drainage systems and gullies, repairing defects and putting in several new major drainage schemes in areas prone to flooding.

But we need your help too…

Did you know? As farmers, land and property owners you have a responsibility to keep ditches, rivers and streams on your land clear and free from silt, excessive weeds and vegetation?

Did you know? You must have adequate land and property drainage systems in place? And to stop water, vegetation and debris from straying onto the highway?

In fact it’s an offence under the Highways Act if these do end up on the highway and one, for which, you could be heavily charged as well as inconveniencing or potentially even putting at risk other road users.

So please make sure you know your rights and responsibilities, pick up a copy of our leaflet or download one here and together, we can ‘ditch’ the problem of flooding on the Island’s roads.

You can also read our press release here