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What our people say about Island Roads…

Jo Saunders, Island Roads Business Manager

picture of a bridge with an overlaid picture of a female Island Roads employee

‘I love to solve a problem and so this is a great career for me’…that is why Jo Saunders and Island Roads make the perfect match.

The people in Island Roads’ open-plan office make it a great place to work, Jo says.

“I also love that my two-year old son is now showing an interest in bridges and I can tell him what we do to keep structures on the island safe,” she says.

“I remember driving along the Military Road once, on a beautiful winter morning when no-one else was around, and thinking how lucky I was to work in this role on this island.”

Jo has just been promoted to Business Manager at Island Roads, forming part of the senior management team. Although it’s a step away from her technical role as Structures Manager she is relishing the challenge of greater exposure to the wider business operation. Jo says managing the structures team over the past two years has definitely been her highlight.

So how have the Island Roads, Ringway and Eurovia companies supported Jo? She says: “I came through the Ringway graduate programme, firstly undertaking a couple of industrial placements at university and then moving around the business upon graduation.

“In the middle of all this I completed the Eurovia (parent company) leadership programme and gained my Level 5 qualification in Leadership & Management. As an engineer I never stop learning and am actively supported to maintain my continuous professional development. This could include attending formal training, webinars and industry events, as well as learning on the job from others.”

Jimmy Wells, Island Roads Network Manager

view of road with sea view and inset picture of Jimmy Wells

Working for a great company, giving it your all…but still being able to be on a beautiful beach by 5.30pm…these are the things that make an Isle of Wight career with Island Roads work for Jimmy.

Jimmy saw that the Island Roads PFI contract would bring tangible benefits to the Island community, so that’s why he chose to work here. He quickly realised he was part of a very dedicated team that work in the direct community they live in.

Jimmy says: “They fully understand the impacts of the decisions they make and brings a wealth of knowledge you rarely find when employees don’t live nearby.”

He is now gaining more understanding of the PFI contract and looking at how his career can develop within Ringway and the wider group.

He says: “The joy of the job is one day I can be helping co-ordinate major schemes and the next managing a duck race!

“Being accepted into a close knit community and sharing my experience and knowledge of different highway networks has been a great highlight of my time here so far.”

Jimmy speaks highly of the support he has had from Island Roads Service Director Steve Ashman, enabling him to develop the Network Management function to reflect best working practices he had learnt from other organisations.

Hayley Gregory, Island Roads Senior Streetworks Technician

“What I really love about my job is feeling that I am making a difference by keeping the Island moving”.

That is what motivates Island Roads senior streetworks technician Hayley Gregory.

Hayley chose this career as she was looking for a job that offered good training and development prospects, where she could progress and be part of a move towards more women being present within construction.

She said: “The planning of road closures and traffic lights is more complex than it seems, so I also enjoy being able to explain this to people to help them gain an understanding of why works are taking place.”

Her highlights so far include being passed the responsibility of the day-to-day management of the streetworks team and gaining NRSWA qualifications with 90-100% marks throughout.

Hayley feels Island Roads has been great at helping her expand her qualifications and knowledge.

“I expressed an interest in developing my Excel skills and was put straight on an advanced excel course.

“There’s a wide range of individuals in the business of all ages and they’re all very approachable.”