Photo showing protective netting over partial wall collapse and vegetation at Belgrave Road, Ventnor August 2020

Updated September 2020

An emergency road closure was put in place in January 2020 following the collapse of a retaining wall and significant cracking in the highway at Belgrave Road, Ventnor.  The closure also included Esplanade Road in the interests of the residents’ safety incase of falling debris.

We have been continuing to undertake twice weekly visual site inspections of Belgrave Road and Esplanade Road to monitor the wall movement and cracking both at the top of the terrace and the middle and lower sections. These inspections have shown no further significant movement, cracking or deterioration in either the top, middle or lower sections of the wall above Esplanade Road in recent weeks.  The wire netting also continues to work effectively to contain any debris should it fall.

As a result of this, we have now been able to restore pedestrian access along Esplanade Road.  This access is on the far (seaward) side of the road, away from the wall area and existing pavement areas.  We hope this step will provide some help to residents walking in and around the area. Esplanade Road will however remain closed to vehicle traffic through this section.

We can also now confirm that the design process is underway to look at possible solutions for the site.  You may therefore see more activity on site as our specialist teams undertake their work in the coming weeks. A consultant engineer will be on site this Friday 18th September as part of that process.

We will continue to keep residents informed as this work progresses and thank them for their continuing patience.

We will issue a further update when there are any significant developments to report, but in the meantime, if you have any concerns please call Island Roads on 01983 822440 or email