Updated November 2022

Works update

Works are underway at Belgrave Road in Ventnor to deliver a major scheme to re-open Belgrave Road.

The road as been closed since early 2020 when, following a period of sustained and heavy rainfall, the walls that retain Belgrave Road failed (see our drone footage here).  We have been working since to ensure the area is safe and carrying out detailed investigations to understand the reasons for the failure and design an engineering solution to strengthen the retaining walls and re-open the road.

Local company Stoneham Construction are undertaking the works that are expected to last just over a year, before completing in Winter 2022.

The work will see the collapsed wall dismantled and the area behind it stabilised, before a new wall is built, and the road and footway reconstructed.  In consultation with the local conservation officer, a natural stone finish will be used to replace the wall so that it is in keeping with others in the surrounding area. The new parapet wall will also be higher than existing to conform with the latest safety requirements for both pedestrians and vehicles (see before and after pictures below).

four photos showing the before (actual) and after (artist's impression) of Belgrave Road Ventnor once repaired.

We continue to make good progress ahead of the planned completion in the first week of December. The completion date will however depend on the weather conditions being suitable for resurfacing.
All the stabilisation work relating to the original failure has now been completed and, while Southern Water continues its work to re-lay its
service main, we are finishing off the parapet wall in the 30-metre mid-section of Belgrave Road.

During the work, construction traffic will be entering the site from Park Avenue and some temporary parking restrictions will be necessary at the narrowest part of Belgrave Road to ensure vehicles can safely move to and from the site.

Ground monitoring equipment will continue to be checked at regular intervals throughout the work with additional checks after any periods of poor weather, as they have been to date, and regular site inspections will also continue.

We would like to thank everyone again for their continued patience during this complex engineering project.  We will continue to ensure both the local and wider community are kept up to date with the latest developments.  We have also installed display boards on sight with information about the project for those passing by.

If in the meantime you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to email info@islandroads.com or in an emergency please call Island Roads on 01983 822440.

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