photo showing section of fenced off terracing at Belgrave Road Ventnor

Updated July 2021

Detailed, phased ground investigations to confirm the cause of the collapse to the retaining wall at Belgrave Road in Ventnor in January 2020 have been completed and a report prepared covering a number of options for the reinstatement of Belgrave Road and its supporting wall.  We are now currently in the process of preparing a tender to secure specialist contractors to carry out the work on site.

Prior to that work commencing, you may have seen in the news that we are undergoing a programme of inspections across a wide range of highway supporting structures across the Island  Many of the priority structures (bridges, parapets and retaining walls) are in the Ventnor area.  This work will include the Local Authority retaining walls in Belgrave Road and Esplanade Road adjacent to the wall that failed.  These inspections will determine any work required to upgrade and strengthen the walls in line with current standards and will pave the way for the work to be done to restore the failed wall, parapet and carriageway areas.  We anticipate that this work will begin on site towards the end of July.

In advance of that, we are also planning to remove some of the vegetation that has built up on the walls so that this gives us greater visual and physical access for future work.  This work will be done by specialist roped access teams and is likely to take place 21st and 22nd July.

We are also planning ahead to look at issues like the availability of alternative parking for residents and we are also planning a meeting for residents and one for the town council to explain the scheme design in more detail.

In the meantime, we are continuing our regular monitoring visits to the site each week and to ensure the site is kept safe and secure.  In that respect, we would ask that residents do not go through the staggered barriers and park along Belgrave Road.  The access is staggered like this, purely to allow access for emergency services.  No other vehicles should be using this road at this time for safety reasons.

We would like to thank residents and businesses again for their continued patience during this complex engineering project and will continue to ensure both they and the wider local community are kept up to date with the latest developments.

If in the meantime you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to email or in an emergency please call Island Roads on 01983 822440.

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