Caring for the environment

Posted on: May 10, 2023 at 10:44 am wall with holes in it

There are 41 SSSIs on the Island and half of the county is designated AONB. With this in mind, Island Roads’ structures team has a keen focus on sustainability and the environment.

Working with local environmental groups we have successfully introduced features into many of our projects to ensure what we do respects our unique environment.

In several sites where we have rebuilt or strengthened retaining walls, we have incorporated ‘bee caves’ to encourage inhabitation by solitary bee species.

Much of our work is in Ventnor which is also home to the UK’s only population of wall lizards. Though not an indigenous nor protected species, we are nevertheless keen that our work does not harm this unique population. Therefore, we have modified our maintenance programme carefully inspecting sites as we go and using only manual means to remove any required vegetation.

We have also installed lizard habitats to provide cover for these creatures when upgrading structures.

We also worked closely with local environmental experts Arc and the Environment Agency to create a new feature as part of work to upgrade Holbrooke’s Bridge at Bouldnor, near Yarmouth. The aptly-named and award-winning ‘eelevator’ introduced a series of textured tiles to the watercourse approaching the culvert which help migrating eels migrate upstream.

wall with holes in it

Bee tube

Lizard cave

Ventnor Wall Lizard near one of the town’s recently upgraded retaining walls

The ‘eelevator’ at Holbrooke’s Bridge