Cooking, craft and creativity thanks to IW Foundation grant

Posted on: December 11, 2019 at 3:56 pm
WightDASH cheque presentation at Island Roads

A project designed to support women through cooking, craft and creativity has received a boost thanks to the Isle of Wight Foundation.

Wight DASH has been given more than £11,000 to upgrade its kitchen facilities and create a homely setting in which women can take part in creative activities such as sewing and baking as part of an initiative to build confidence and develop a sense of belonging.

Funding will also be used to buy play therapy and baby equipment for mother and baby sessions designed to support women who may be socially isolated or lacking in self-esteem.

New IT equipment, including a large interactive smart screen will be used to enhance the learning experience for women taking part in Wight DASH’s psycho-educational programmes.

Fiona Gwinnett from Wight DASH said: “This funding will allow us to expand our existing activities which will bring even more great benefits to our members.

“Our kitchen is in need of all new equipment and this will allow us to offer more food-based sessions.

“The funding will also allow us to expand the range of games and other resources used by our play therapist in the tremendous work she does with children who have experienced severe trauma.

“It’s hard to sum up how much this means to us. Perhaps the best way to put it is that if we think about WOW! as a cake, this will be the icing on our cake!

Each year The IW Foundation – comprising Ringway Island Roads, Meridiam, VINCI UK Foundation and VINCI Concession gives grants of between £3,000 and £16,000 to Island charities, good causes and organisations working to tackle social exclusion and isolation. Since 2014, nearly half a million pounds has been given to such causes.

Under the grant scheme, an Island Roads employee ‘sponsors’ the application from a group and then acts as a link to build an ongoing bond between the foundation and the recipient.

Lorna Malcolm, receptionist at Island Roads who sponsored the Wight DASH application, said: “The work undertaken by Wight DASH to support women on the Island is incredibly important and I am really pleased that the foundation has been able to help this project.

“As well as the new equipment for sewing, craft and cookery, the funding will also be used to create a really homely environment for the women, something I feel is important for those taking part in Wight DASH’s therapy sessions.”