Coppins Bridge work complete ahead of Christmas break

Posted on: December 3, 2021 at 1:44 pm The pedestrian crossing from Coppins Bridge to Barton


The second phase of work to upgrade the traffic signals and pedestrian crossings at Coppins Bridge and its approaches has finished on schedule today (Friday Dec 3).

Since November 22, Island Roads has, on behalf of the IW Council, been working to upgrade the Coppins Bridge / Barton Road pedestrian crossing and signals. This follows the completion the initial phase – improving the lights at the Coppins Bridge junction with St George’s Way.

As previously agreed and communicated, now the second phase has been completed, the project will pause so as not to affect the Christmas shopping period.

Work will resume on January 10 when the signals in Lower High Street and those between Lower High Street and Coppins Bridge itself will be upgraded. During this phase, the Lower High Street will be closed to traffic between January 10 and January 28.

Island Roads has previously visited businesses to discuss their individual needs during this phase and, based on feedback, have come up with a traffic management plan to meet the various delivery requirements of these businesses. This will be further discussed with affected businesses prior to the recommencement of work.

Pedestrian access will be maintained during this phase.

Island Roads service director Steve Ashman said: “Once again we would like to thank the local community for their co-operation and understanding as we progress these works.

“During this second phase the temporary traffic lights were manually operated so were able to make adjustments if congestion built up. However I am sure some people had their journey times extended so we are very grateful that people have been patient.

“We will now be pausing the scheme until after the Christmas and New Year holiday so as not to impact upon the Christmas trade and we will be sure to provide reminders ahead of work resuming in the Lower High Street on January 10.”

The project to upgrade signals and crossings at the Island’s busiest junction is part of work under the Highways PFI to improve and maintain the Island highway network.

The work will enable the traffic signals to better adjust their sequencing according to traffic volumes and will also make them more reliable and able to use significantly less energy because of the LED lights and the far safer low voltage (48volt) electric systems used.