This page is to keep you updated on work to improve the main road between Carisbrooke and Newport which is scheduled to begin on January 11

The work will improve the surface of Carisbrooke Road at various locations between Cedar Hill and its junction with the High Street. It is due to be undertaken over 20 working days (not including weekends).

Deep excavations are required to address the underlying ground conditions that have caused the highway to deteriorate in some areas. Though this means the sites will be closed as a through road around the clock for the duration of the work period, the need for future maintenance should be reduced.

Pedestrian access will be maintained as will access to residents as long as it is safe to do so.

The scheme has been modified to divide work into four phases to reduce local impact.

Phase 1 – between Cedar Hill and Wellington Road from January 11 for two working days. When this work is complete you will be able to access Wellington Road from the west at all times. COMPLETED

Phase 2 – between Wellington Road and Recreation Ground Road for three working days starting Monday January 15. IN PROGRESS

Phase 3 – between Trafalgar Road and Drill Hall Road for ten working days starting Thursday January 18

Phase 4 – between Drill Hall Road and Pyle Street for five working days from February 1

The maps below show the four phases.

Please note that for various reasons. Including inclement weather, the project schedule is subject to change. Any such change will be detailed here and also advertised via Twitter @island Roads so please follow us if you don’t already.

If you would like assistance whilst Island Roads are working in your street, and you have a medical condition, a disability and/or a social care problem such as mobility problems or near-term pregnancy that may impact you or another using the footway and/or road please contact us, so arrangements can be made to assist you.  Contact can be made via our Help desk number:  01983 822440 or via Email:

Lasty, though we have taken steps to minimise disruption we do appreciate that works of this nature do invariably impact on the local community. We would like to thank you in advance for your understanding and co-operation.

Phasing Plan

A plan of the phasing can be viewed via the following link

Carisbrooke Phasing

In an Emergency

We work closely with the emergency services to inform them of works taking place across the Island and will assist the emergency services to safely pass through the site, should they need to access the works area in the event of an emergency.