Drainage and highway improvements planned for Brighstone.

Posted on: June 21, 2019 at 9:12 pm

A major scheme to address long standing issues of highway flooding in Brighstone is to begin later this month.

Under the Highways PFI, Island Roads will upgrade the existing and inadequate drainage systems in and around North Street, Warnes Lane, Broad Lane and Main Road. Flooding has typically occurred in these area as rainfall flows off from the nearby countryside onto the highways in such quantity that the existing drainage network cannot cope.

Brighstone Car Park and the public toilets are among amenities particularly affected by this flooding.

Under the scheme, the old inadequate drainage system in North Street, Warnes Lane, Main Road and Broad Lane will be replaced with a system that will have greater capacity and also be more resilient to silting.

The work will begin towards the end of October and is scheduled to last 12 weeks. During the work, traffic will be controlled via traffic lights and the temporary closures of Broad Lane, Main Road, Upper Lane, North Street and Warnes Lane during which time vehicular access will be restricted.

“These areas of Brighstone have been prone for flooding for many years due to a number of factors,” said scheme engineer Jason Boulter.

“We are confident the various aspects we are building into this scheme will greatly reduce instances of flooding. That in itself will also make the highway safer in wet weather and also less prone to potholes in the future.

“This will be one of 17 major drainage schemes we will be undertaking as part of the PFI, four of which have been undertaken already.”

Part of the required pipework was installed last year as part of the scheme to improve the Main Road between North Street and Warnes Lane. This section will therefore not require any excavation.

Residents who will be most affected by the work will be receiving details of the work by letter.

Also this month, in separate schemes, three Brighstone roads, Mill Lane, Wicken Hill and Thorncross Lane are all due to be resurfaced. Once again, residents will receive information on the schemes by letter and information will also be displayed on site prior to work commencing.