Island Roads is to introduce further measures to ensure highways dug up by third parties are re-instated to a high standard.

Posted on: June 21, 2019 at 5:57 pm

In addition to the visual inspections already undertaken by Island Roads, the test – called coring – involves carefully removing samples from a recently reinstated highway and checking the sample to ensure the replacement work is of suitable quality.

All work carried out on the highway network, such as work by utility companies or the dropping of kerbs, will be subject to the new coring process.

Checking that the quality of re-instatement is both up to standard and compatible with the existing highway helps preserve the lifespan of the network as poor or unsuitable re-instatement can weaken the road and lead to surface deterioration and potholes.

Island Roads is working closely with all those who carry out works on the highway network to ensure they are aware of the required reinstatement standards. However, it does have the power to ensure substandard work is brought up to scratch if necessary.

“The Highways PFI will, over a seven-year period, improve the condition of virtually all of the Island’s highways network. It is important that work by third parties does not compromise this improvement,” said Island Roads Network Manager Kevin Burton

“Using coring to check the quality of third party works will help ensure all activities undertaken on the highway network are up to a high standard.”