Island Roads launches charitable foundation providing grants to support local community projects

Posted on: June 21, 2019 at 6:25 pm

Island Roads has launched a new charitable Foundation and an annual grants scheme to benefit community projects working to tackle social exclusion across the Island.


The Isle of Wight Foundation will make a number of awards each year to charity and not-for-profit organisations and groups on the Island to help fund new projects or initiatives that help fight against social exclusion.   This year, awards will be made of between £3,000 and £16,000 per project to help the Island community.

Island Roads has studied local data and sought the input of community representatives to understand some of the key issues on the Island to ensure the Foundations grant scheme reflects local need.  As a result, the following key themes have been identified for the Foundation’s first year of support:

  • Projects which provide people with better chances to access training and development to improve their life skills and opportunity for employment
  • Projects that help to build stronger communities with more active citizens working together to minimise social exclusion.

In addition to the financial help on offer, Island Roads employees will also be able to provide additional support projects through a staff volunteering scheme which gives employees a number of paid working days per year to volunteer for community projects and a chance to lend practical support and expertise to the selected projects.

Island Roads is part of a wider network of companies within the world’s leading construction and concession company – VINCI.  VINCI established the first VINCI Foundation in May 2002 as part of its determination to form lasting partnerships with the local community and support those who live and work in areas where the company operates.  To date there are nine VINCI trusts/foundations all over Europe which have collectively supported over 1200 projects and helped make social cohesion a reality in its local communities.

Phil Jackson, Chair of the Isle of Wight Foundation board said, “Whilst Island Roads’ focus as a company will always be on the work we have been tasked with – improving the Island’s roads – we recognise, through the work we do and the people we employ, that as an Island company we will be a prominent part of Island life for a 25 year period.  As such, we want to be able to help the community in other ways, by enabling our staff to take time to volunteer and to fund projects that benefit the Island community.”

Applicants from the charity, voluntary and not-for-profit sector on the Island are invited to submit applications with details of their projects before the deadline of 12 noon on Sunday 12 October.   These will then be shortlisted and visits undertaken to discuss the projects in more detail before the final grant awards are determined in December.  The financial support provided must be able to be used within 12 months of the award.  The Foundation prefers to provide financial support for ‘capital’ projects rather than ongoing running costs.

For more details on the Isle of Wight Foundation, the areas of support, key criteria for applications and to apply for a grant visit or contact us on 01983 822440.