Island Roads seeks residents’ feedback as annual customer survey launches

Posted on: February 1, 2023 at 1:41 pm

Residents’ feedback is being sought as Island Roads launches its annual customer survey.

The survey, which is carried out in February each year, is designed to seek residents’ feedback about the range of highway services provided by Island Roads.

The short survey asks residents to score the performance of different services provided by Island Roads such as highway maintenance, road and pavement resurfacing, winter services, street cleansing and lighting, verge and grass cutting.

Feedback from the survey is used to help the company identify services that are perceived to be working well, as well as areas where residents feel improvements need to be made.

Over the last year, major schemes at Smallbrook Junction and Coppins Bridge have been completed and another significant programme is well underway at Ryde Transport Interchange with the highway elements due to complete this Spring.  A programme of improvement work to upgrade bridges and highway retaining walls has also been continuing across the Island including the recent completion of a complex engineering project at Belgrave Road.

Alongside this the company has continued its work to upgrade the condition of the network of roads and pavements across the Island and carry out its year-round programme of highway maintenance repairs.  It has also continued its planned cycles of street and gully cleansing, verge and grass cutting and vital winter services to keep the highway areas safe for drivers.

Island Roads Service Director Steve Ashman said: “Our annual survey provides us with an important opportunity to hear directly from residents about how they feel we are performing in delivering our highway services on the Island and we really value the views of all those who take part.

“The results of the survey will be used, alongside the range of formal contractual assessments and measures that are undertaken all year round, to help us gauge improvements we need to make to our services.

“It also helps us identify areas where we need to provide more information to the community about the work we do.”

The survey runs from the 1st – 28th February and can be accessed online via Island Roads website or directly via

Paper copies of the survey including large print versions are available on request, by emailing

The views of younger and older drivers are also being sought with information about the survey being shared with sixth form pupils and Age UK IW.  Posters with information about the survey will also be placed in public libraries.