Island Roads supports Yarmouth Primary School to create a new school garden

Posted on: June 21, 2019 at 11:42 am

Island Roads staff have boosted efforts to transform a derelict area of land at Yarmouth Primary School into a thriving garden.

A team of four Island Roads staff joined parent Teresa Robinson who is leading the school garden project for half a day’s volunteering to clear the overgrown area.

Staff and pupils at the school were delighted with the work carried out by Island Roads which will allow pupils to run their very own school garden in a previously redundant area of the school grounds.

Headteacher Beryl Miller said: “We were aware of Island Roads’ volunteering programme and thought this would be a great project for us to work together on while the major highway improvement works are being competed in Bouldnor.

“We’ve wanted a school garden for some time and I’m truly grateful to both Teresa and Island Roads for helping to drive this project forward.

“With the weather improving, we’ll now be able to allow our pupils to get their hands dirty and grow their own plants and vegetables to give them a better understanding of where their food comes from.”

Teresa Robinson added: “With the support of Island Roads employees and the vehicle supplied to take the vegetation away, we were able to clear this area quickly, in time to plant this spring.

“Not only did Island Roads assist us with their labour, they donated a number of sleepers which will be absolutely perfect for our raised beds and we cannot thank Island Roads enough for helping us get this important project off the ground.”

Paul Herbert, Island Roads’ Service Director said: “Island Roads is very much a part of the local community and as such we afford our staff two days each year to get involved in community projects such as this. It’s a great way of us being able to give back to the community in which we work and also encourage staff to become involved in activities in their area.”