Island Roads volunteers team up to help local sports organisation.

Posted on: June 22, 2019 at 6:44 am
Picture shows from right to left Richard and Joel.

Island Roads have answered a call from Whitecroft Sports Ground Trust who wanted potholes and ruts in their access road to be repaired.

The club supplied the materials and Island Roads the equipment and manpower in the shape of operations and maintenance operatives Joel Leon and Richard Stuart to make good the 150-metre track which, as a private access, is outside Island Roads’ responsibilities under the Highways PFI.

The work was undertaken through Island Roads’ volunteering scheme under which employees are encouraged to take two days paid leave a year in order to undertake work for local good causes.

The need for repairs at the ground was highlighted to Island Roads when the company’s cricket team attended a match against the Isle of Wight Health Associates Cricket Club (IWHACC) who play at Whitecroft. The club was advised to apply for voluntary assistance, the subsequent application was accepted, and Joel and Richard were eager to help out.

The sports ground, off Sandy Lane at Gatcombe, has until recently been used by two cricket clubs, Whitecroft and the IWHACC and Whitecroft and Barton Sport Football Club, the current Island League champions.

Roger Cooper of Whitecroft Sports Ground Trust, said: “The lane is the only way in and out of the ground and had fallen into poor condition. It was in great need of repair but a club this size did not have the resources to undertake the work ourselves. We are really grateful to Island Roads for their assistance – they have really been a big help to us.”

Jason Boulter, Island Roads structures project manager and captain of the company cricket team said: “We always have a good game on what is a lovely little ground and we are delighted to help out the club through our volunteering scheme.

“One of the aims of our volunteering scheme is to encourage social inclusion and helping to ensure all members of the community are able to access this ground is very much a part of this aim.”