Joint Freshwater highway improvement scheme planned for September

Posted on: June 22, 2019 at 6:13 am

Freshwater residents and businesses will be given the chance to learn more about a major forthcoming scheme to improve Avenue Road in Freshwater.

The entire section of Avenue Road and a section of High Street is shortly to be upgraded and made more pedestrian-friendly in a joint scheme involving Island Roads, the IW Council and Freshwater Parish Council.

Under the project, the road’s foundations are to be reconstructed before it is resurfaced. A series of crossing points are also to be installed and other measures taken to improve the street scene. The footway will also be resurfaced during the project which is scheduled to begin on Monday September 11 and last approximately 12 weeks.

To explain more about the work, Island Roads staff will host two information sessions at the Memorial Hall, Freshwater. The first will be on Tuesday 15 August between noon and 4.30pm and the second on Monday 21 August between 4.30pm and 7.30pm.

In order for the scheme to be undertaken as swiftly and safely as possible, vehicular access will be restricted during the scheme. The work will however be phased to minimise inconvenience and pedestrian access will be maintained. Access to Avenue Road car park will be maintained during the scheme apart from three days at the end of the works when the section of road outside the car park will be resurfaced. This work will be done at night and publicised in advance when dates are confirmed.

Letters explaining further details of the scheme have been delivered to residents and businesses most affected by the work. A special page has also been created on Island Roads’ website  to provide updates on the project as well as other information.

Ian Ward, Cabinet member for transport and infrastructure, said: “The Isle of Wight Council is pleased to have been able to assist the Freshwater community and the parish council in making this project possible.  It will provide significant benefits to users of Avenue Road, but also improve the streetscene of the village.”

Island Roads construction manager Keith Gourlay said: “This major scheme takes into account the needs of pedestrians and road users and will transform this busy part of Freshwater.

“The work is extensive and we hope that residents will take the opportunity to come along and find out more about the work involved and also the benefits it will bring.”