Key trading route set for major upgrade

Posted on: June 23, 2019 at 2:42 pm
The Riverway trading estate

A major road improvement scheme to upgrade Newport’s busy Riverway Industrial Estate is due to begin at the end of the month.

The project to improve the entire section between the ‘Buywise Roundabout’ to the north and the ‘Lidl Roundabout’ to the south is scheduled to be carried out over nine nights starting October 29.

As well as working throughout the night, Island Roads is also planning to carry out the scheme in separate phases as a further measure to reduce disruption.

Island Roads staff have already visited all businesses on the Riverway Estate and will be having further discussions with those who require access during the proposed work times – 7.30pm and 6am. There will be no work at weekends.

“I think everyone would agree that this is a stretch of road that is in need of an upgrade – our challenge is to bring about the improvement with as little disruption as possible to the many businesses who are based on, or who use, Riverway,” said Island Roads construction manager Keith Gourlay.

“Doing the work at night and in phases means that the great majority of businesses will be unaffected and we are continuing to talk to the small number of businesses who require access throughout the night.”

Mr Gourlay said: “We would like to thank the Riverway business community for their understanding and we look forward to completing this work that will bring about a significant improvement to this busy trading area.”

The Riverway scheme is part of the Island’s Highway Improvement Programme which is financed in the main through a grant of £477 million awarded by the Department for Transport.