Motorists advised that road closures are not to be ignored

Posted on: June 22, 2019 at 6:21 am

Island Roads and Hampshire Constabulary have stressed the importance of obeying temporary road closures.

Such legally enforceable orders are put in place across the Island to ensure Island Roads are able to undertake work as swiftly and as safely as possible. While the vast majority of motorists respect these road closures, there remain a small number of motorists who will ignore them and drive onto work sites putting themselves, their passengers and Island Roads workforce at risk.

Though the road closures are temporary, they are legally enforceable.

Island Roads deputy service director Steve Ashman said: “Temporary road closures are put in place for good reason. Work sites are busy places typically with heavy plant and machinery in operation and often with hot materials also being used.

“So while they are there for good safety reasons they also enable us to carry out planned work as quickly as possible which minimises inconvenience to all those affected by the closures.”

Steve thanked the vast majority of road users who respect road closures but said staff still did encounter a very small number of motorists who ignored the closures or who thought, wrongly, that they did not have to comply with the temporary restriction.

“We go through a legal process in order to obtain a road closure and once in place they are legally enforceable. We liaise closely with the police and we know that, they too, take seriously the need for motorists to respect the closures that are put in place.”

Superintendent Sarah Jackson who oversees policing on the Isle of Wight said: “We work closely with our partners from Island Roads and understand their concerns with regard to motorists ignoring temporary road signs. This type of irresponsible behaviour could have serious consequences and endangers pedestrians, other road users, and staff working on repairs to the Island’s road network.

“We will assist Island Roads, where possible, to take action against motorists who are clearly identified and who have broken the law. This could result in a fixed penalty notice, the loss of a driving license, or in the most serious cases a custodial sentence, depending on the offences identified to us. Roadworks are clearly signed and I’d urge motorists to observe and comply with these signs for the good of themselves and other people on our roads.”