Motorists reminded of lane trial

Posted on: June 24, 2020 at 5:22 pm Picture showing new sign for Medina Way lane trial

With more people starting to take to the roads as Coronavirus restrictions ease, motorists are being reminded that new lane arrangements are in place on Medina Way, Newport.

The arrangements are being trialled by the IW Council to see if vehicle flows on Medina Way and Coppins Bridge at Newport can be improved.

They were brought into place on March 16 just prior to lockdown being introduced with the resulting significant decrease in vehicle movements.

Now as road use is increasing, both the IW Council and Island Roads are reminding motorists of the changes.

“It is possible that as restrictions ease, then motorists will be coming across the new lane marking for the first time,” said Kevin Burton, Island Roads’ network manager.

“We are keen to once again highlight the fact that the trial arrangement is in place and also ask motorist to look out for – and obey – the relevant markings and signage.”

Island Roads continues to monitor feedback on the scheme but more detailed evaluation will begin once traffic flows return to their customary levels. The IW Council will decide whether to keep the new arrangements, tweak the layout again or to revert to the original markings based on the evaluation.

Details on the new trial arrangements can be found at