New Island Roads vehicle has latest safety features

Posted on: June 22, 2019 at 2:58 pm
Island Roads' Richard Slinn with the new lorry loader

A state-of-the-art new 26-tonne lorry brimming with the latest eco and safety features has joined the project to upgrade the Island’s highways network.

Island Roads’ new lorry loader – a lorry with a mounted crane and bucket – is thought to be the most advanced vehicle in terms of safety and fuel efficiency features currently operating on the Island.

It will be used to transport materials to and from work sites particularly those upgrading footways.

Safety features include sensors to alert the driver to cyclists and pedestrians at the rear and near side of the vehicle, an audio spoken warning when the lorry is turning left and an in-cab camera so the driver can make additional visual inspections of activities to the near side and the rear of the vehicle. An on-board weighing system ensures the vehicle cannot be overloaded and there is an automatic tailgate lock so the driver does not have to leave the cab.

The vehicle’s engine meets the latest Euro 6 standards for exhaust emissions while it also has an  automatic engine cut off to further conserve fuel.

Steve Ashman, Island Roads service director said: “Part of providing an excellent service to residents is about making sure we have the very best plant and equipment.

“This new lorry loader combines the latest safety and fuel efficiency features and will be a welcome addition to our fleet.”