Newport wall repairs to begin

Posted on: September 28, 2023 at 3:05 pm

Temporary traffic arrangements will come into place next week on a route between Newport and Carisbrook to allow Island Roads to rebuild part of a damaged wall.

A ten-metre section of the wall at the junction of Carisbrooke Road and West Street is to be rebuilt following a traffic collision there earlier this year.

The wall is in a Conservation Area and Island Roads will be using like-for-like red bricks in the repair.

Work is scheduled to begin on October 2 and last for up to two weeks.

During work, a one-way system will be in place to allow traffic to travel through the local area without the need for temporary traffic signals. It will however mean that traffic will not be able to use Upper Pyle Street to enter Carisbrooke Road.

Project manager Luke Ward said: “Obviously this is a busy area and we believe the arrangements in place will cause least disruption while allowing us to complete these important repairs as quickly and as safely as possible.

“We will do the work on the corner of West Street and Carisbrooke Road first which will allow us to relax some of the restrictions as soon as we can. We have set aside two weeks to complete the overall scheme but we will be working hard to complete it sooner if at all possible.

 “We apologise for any inconvenience but it is important we make these repairs now to prevent further deterioration of the wall.”