Nightworks to improve Medina Way

Posted on: June 23, 2019 at 3:46 pm
Medina Way

Island Roads is to undertake a programme of maintenance work at Medina Way dual carriageway over the next two nights (Wednesday and Thursday).

The work on what is one of the Island’s busiest roads is being undertaken overnight in order to minimise disruption.

The maintenance will include gully emptying, road sweeping, weed spraying as well as the testing of the streetlighting and other powered apparatus. Some signage will also be renewed.

To allow the works, the southbound lane (from Cowes) will be closed tonight (Wednesday) and the Northbound Lane (towards Cowes) closed on Thursday night between 7.30pm and midnight with diversions in place.

Lane closures will be in force between 7.30 pm and midnight each night.

James Adsett, Island Roads powered apparatus supervisor, said: “This is such a busy route it is clearly subject to a lot of wear and tear so it is vital we undertake a regular and comprehensive maintenance programme.

“Various Island Roads teams will be working under the single closure to carry out their specific work and we hope that by taking this joined-up approach and by working overnight we will keep disruption to an absolute minimum.”