Photo showing Island Roads employee using a gully cleansing vehicle to clear out a drain.

The Island has a network of around 20,000 gullies, drains and manholes helping take rainwater off the highway.

Island Roads is responsible for keeping these gullies, drains and manholes functioning and these are well maintained to help reduce highway flooding.

The routine gully cleansing programme is carried out by two 18-tonne tanker lorries which are based at our Stag Lane depot.

Cleansing treatments range from a quick cleanse to power jetting. If a problem is found, cameras are used to survey the gully and identify the problem, this survey is used to help plan suitable repair works.  Locations that require more frequent cleansing are prioritised especially during the winter months. As required by the Environment Agency, only clean water is used in the cleansing process.

Waste collected from gully cleansing activities is transported back to Stag Lane where an initial treatment process is undertaken to separate the water and the debris.

The treated water and debris are transported to a recycling facility where 95 percent of gully cleansing waste is then re-used or recycled into building material such as sand or aggregate.

You can watch a short film about our gully cleansing work below.

If you need to report a problem with a gully, drain or manhole you can call us on 01983 822440 or you can use our online form.