Carriageway improvement programme

Works to improve and repair the 804 kms of road and 29 kms of cycleways across the Island began in April 2013.

 The aim is to encourage greater accessibility for all and more importantly, raise the standards of all our roads and cycleways.

The smoother surfaces will not only make for a better driving or cycling experience, but will also make getting around the Island easier, as well as reducing general wear and tear to vehicles.

Unavoidably, there will be some disruption during this work. There will be times when you may not be able to use certain roads, footways or cycle ways but we will try and reduce this as much as possible by minimising works during the busy tourist season. We will also provide advance information of our works programme. Our dedicated District Stewards and teams will be on hand throughout the works to liaise with local communities, answer questions and deal with any issues.

We will work closely with the utility companies that provide gas, electricity, telephone and cable services to cause as little disruption as possible. Importantly, we also aim to work with you – using a team of volunteers known as ‘Lay Assessors’, who will provide us with direct feedback about how we are doing. Providing a ‘secret shopper’ role if you like!

For more details on our programme of surfacing works – click on the PDF files below:

Improving your roads and pavements 

Surfacing works – Introduction (County Press feature article 2013)

Surfacing works – Planning our works (County Press feature article 2013)


You can also check out all the current works happening in your area here