Dead animals

Island Roads will arrange for the removal of large and domestic dead animals from all publicly accessible areas. We do not remove small animals such as rabbits, birds, vermin that do not pose a danger/hazard to pedestrians or road users.

Which dead animals will lsland Roads pick up when found on the public highway?

If one of the following animals are killed on a highway, we will pick up cats/kittens, dogs, foxes, badgers and swans but will not pick up rats, ferrets, birds, pheasants or squirrels. Cats and dogs will be collected and taken to St. Christopher House where a member of staff will scan the animal and contact the owner, if it is chipped. Please note that dead animals will not be collected from private / unadopted roads.

How can I find out if my pet has been collected by Island Roads?

You can phone our 24/7 helpdesk (01983 822440) to ask about the animals we have have found. Our team will be able to give you details of any pets we have collected and where they were found.

What should I do if I find an injured animal?

There is no general emergency service for injured animals provided by the council or Island Roads; although dead or injured animals which are obstructing the highway will be moved.

It is recommended that anyone who does find an animal and is concerned should contact the RSPCA in the first instance. In an emergency and if they can’t be contacted, you should approach a veterinary practice and ask their advice. Most Island vets will be aware of appropriate people to contact and should be able to offer some advice or even help themselves.

To report a dead animal on the Highway, call our help desk on 01983 822440 or complete this form.

What if I find a dead squirrel?

Statistics are kept on all reported red squirrel deaths which are used for prioritising conservation of the reds. Any dead grey squirrel is a serious matter as greys are not normally found on the Island and will be investigated urgently.

You can send the details of dead red or grey squirrels to the Council’s Ecology Service on 01983 823893 or contact Wight Squirrel Project, telephone 01983 611003 or email: