Photo showing two Island Roads operatives repairing a pot hole in the road


Island Roads is responsible for the maintenance and repair of potholes where the surface of the road has been eroded posing a risk to road users.

How do I report a pothole on the highway network?

To report a pothole on part of the adopted highway network, please contact the Island Roads’ helpdesk on 01983 822440 or report this via our online form.

What will happen once I have reported this pothole?

A member of the Island Roads’ team will visit the location of the pothole to determine if remedial works are required. Our district response teams will then be responsible for carrying out any repair works within set timescales.

How do I make a claim against Island Roads if I have hit a pothole?

Although you may have hit a pothole on a road maintained by Island Roads, it does not mean you are entitled to compensation automatically. Potholes can break out very quickly and it is simply not possible for Island Roads to check every road on the Isle of Wight for potholes.

The law recognises this and therefore the legal requirement for Island Roads is to check each road for defects monthly, quarterly or annually depending on the type of road and its usage.

Therefore if we have inspected the road within the timescale, and the pothole was not present on the date of inspection then we have complied with the law.

If a pothole has broken out since this inspection, it does not mean Island Roads is negligent. Please bear this in mind when making a claim.

To make a claim against Island Roads, please complete this form.

Find out more

If you would like to read more about our work to repair potholes, you can read our factsheet Maintaining the Island’s roads.