Photo showing access protection bars across a driveway in Victoria Road, Cowes

Access Protection Bars

Island Roads can supply an access protection bar for a private access as long as the relevant criteria is fulfilled and the correct payment is received.

What if I have an access protection bar and someone parks their vehicle across my driveway?

Access protection bars are advisory only and are there to highlight to the general public that the access is in use.
If someone parks in such a manner that it does not allow you to exit your driveway then they are causing an obstruction. If such a situation occurs, you can now report this to the Isle of Wight Council’s Parking Services Department on 01983 821000 and one of the Council’s Civil Enforcement Officers (CEO’s) can issue a penalty charge notice, if the offending vehicle is still parked in contravention when they visit the site.

However, please note the CEO can only issue a penalty charge notice, they do not have any power to remove an obstructing vehicle. In this situation, you still need to contact the Police on 0845 045 4545.

How much are access protection bars?

Access protection bars are £91.50 for a single width driveway, £109.50 for a double or treble width driveway. If the area the access protection bar is needed to cover is larger, a site visit will be required to determine the cost.

We also provide pedestrian access protection bars, which are supplied where the access from your house exits directly onto the highway, for example there is no footway. The cost of this £52.00.

How do I apply for an access protection bar?

Please contact the Island Roads help desk on 01983 822440 or complete an online form.

Can I have an existing access protection bar repainted?

Yes. The current charges for a repaint are: £62.50 for a single width, £90.00 for a double or treble width and £28.00 for a pedestrian gateway. Please contact Island Roads on (01983) 822440 or complete an online form to give your details to request this.