Photo showing disabled bay marked out on the road

Disabled Bays

The provision of on-street disabled parking bays is the responsibility of the Island Roads’ Network Management Team.

What do I do if someone parks in my disabled bay?

When disabled bays are issued in residential streets, the applicant is informed that the bay is advisory only and is not for their sole use.
Any vehicle which is displaying a blue badge is permitted to park in the bay. If the vehicle is not displaying a blue badge then you should contact the Police on 0845 045 4545, however please remember that these bays are advisory only and it is down to Hampshire Constabulary’s discretion as to whether they attend the site.

Do I qualify for a Disabled Bay?

To qualify for a Disabled Bay, you must have a valid blue badge, no off-street parking (driveway/garage), and the relevant vehicle must be registered at the applicant’s address.

If I apply for a Disabled Bay, will this be exclusively for my own use?

No – anyone displaying a blue badge is entitled to park in the disabled bay.

What do I do if a disabled bay is no longer required?

Please call the Island Roads help desk on 01983 822440 with the location details (eg outside property number) and we will make the necessary arrangements to remove the bay.

How do I apply to have a disabled bay repainted?

To apply for a disabled bay to be repainted contact the Island Roads help desk on 01983 822440.

What is the qualifying criteria to enable me to get a disabled bay outside my house?

To qualify for a disabled bay outside your house you must have the following:

  • A current blue badge.
  • A vehicle registered to the address of the blue badge holder.
  • No off-street parking facilities, for example a driveway or garage etc.

Please note a bay will not be issued if required for regular visitors such as carers, relatives etc.

Can I apply for a Disabled Bay if there are parking restrictions in the road?

No – you cannot apply for a Disabled Bay if there are parking restrictions in the road.

What are the sizes of disabled bays?

The residential bays are normally painted at 5.5 metres If the bay is up to a driveway or double yellow lines etc and at least 6 metres if cars are able to park either side of it. Disabled bays with Traffic Regulation Orders on them must be painted at a minimum of 6.6 metres in length and between 2.7 metres and 3.6 metres in width.

How can I apply for a Disabled Bay?

Please contact the Island Roads help desk on 01983 822440 or complete an online application form.

If I am eligible for a Disabled Bay, will my application automatically be approved?

No, the approval of a disabled bay is dependent on a site inspection made by a Highways Engineer. You will then be notified of the outcome of the inspection.

Will all Disabled Bays be remarked automatically when sections of road are resurfaced?

No – after all resurfacing work, we reinstate the road markings in accordance with traffic regulations.  However, we understand that a number of previously designated disabled bays across the Island may no longer be required and therefore can be reinstated as a parking space available for use by all residents.  To ensure, however, that the disabled bays that are required are remarked, we have been in contact with residents prior to the resurfacing work to ask them to restate their requirement for their disabled bay. This is a simple process, agreed with the local authority, which involves the following steps:

  • Complete an application form  (this can be downloaded here or can be requested by calling (01983) 822440
  • Send the completed application form, along with a photocopy of both sides of a valid disabled badge and a copy of the vehicle registration document to Island Roads.

Once we have the required information then the work to remark the disabled bays will be carried out as soon as practically possible following the resurfacing works.