Overnight work to imrove town centre road

Posted on: June 22, 2019 at 4:16 am

A busy stretch of road serving Newport town centre is shortly to be upgraded.

Island Roads is due to begin a five-night project to resurface South Street and East Street between the Town Lane/Church Litten junction and Coppins Bridge roundabout at the end of the month.


The work under the Highways PFI to improve the network across the Island is being undertaken at night between the hours of 7.30pm and 6am to keep disruption to a minimum.  Island Roads has already written to those affected by the work – residents and business – to give them advance warning and to explain more about the scheme.


Pedestrian access will remain throughout the project and businesses will be open as usual.  The road will be reopened in the day, outside of the work periods.


Project manager Derek Benfield said: “The stretch we will be resurfacing is one of the main links from the town centre onto Coppins Bridge so it has required some careful planning in order to keep disruption to a minimum.


“Among people we have spoken to in advance are Southern Vectis whose buses use South Street as a main route to the Newport bus depot and also the IW Fire and Rescue Service because Newport Fire Station is also affected by the scheme.


“In respect of the fire service we will ensure that emergency access is maintained at all times during the work.

“A lot of planning has been undertaken in advance of this scheme but inevitably there will be some disruption so we thank residents in advance for their co-operation.”