Potholes blitz underway across the Island

Posted on: June 21, 2019 at 8:03 pm

Island Roads have deployed extra resources, in addition to the usual maintenance operations, to help repair potholes and other road defects across the Island during what is traditionally the worst time of the year for potholes.

Seven gangs are currently working to repair potholes and other defects that have been identified by Island Roads’ own inspections and by the public. Over the weekend alone, for example, the teams treated nearly 100 locations many of which had multiple defects that were repaired.

This time of year is traditionally ‘pothole season’ as the freeze-thaw action of water penetrating the road surface, and then expanding as it turns to ice, breaks up the top layer of the highway. The problem is keenly felt on the Island as its road network is historically of a poor standard due to years of under investment.

While this extra pot-hole repair work is a short-term solution, under the Highways PFI, virtually the entire highways network will be upgraded over the first seven years of the project (which began in April 2013) and will be maintained at that higher standard for the life of the contract.

This long term work will leave the Island’s roads, historically said to be the worst in England, among the best in the country.

Dave Wallis, Island Roads operations manager, said: “As an Island company we are very much aware that the roads across the Island are prone to potholes particularly at this time of year and we are making the extra resources available to address the issues as quickly as possible.

“At the same time we are also finalising the programme of resurfacing work for 2015 that will begin in March. This will be the most intensive programme of highway resurfacing work ever undertaken on the Island and will  play a major part in the longer-term goal of bringing the network up to a high standard.”