Public feedback welcomed by Island Roads

Posted on: June 21, 2019 at 8:07 pm

Island Roads is inviting residents to give their feedback through its annual customer survey as the company ends its second year of a seven year programme of road improvements on the Island.

The survey, which will be conducted throughout February, will enable residents to rate and comment on the range of services provided by the company such as road surfacing and maintenance, pavement improvements, street lighting, geotechnical schemes, traffic management, street cleansing, hedge/verge cutting, winter service, maintenance of street furniture, customer service, communications and overall performance.

The company has, since the start of the contract in April 2013, surfaced over a half a million square metres of carriageway – the equivalent of a seven metre wide carriageway one and a quarter times around the Island. Just under 50,000 square metres of pavements have also been upgraded, around 10,000 new LED lights installed, three major and 28 minor  drainage schemes , fixed over 21,000 highways defects (including potholes) and responded to 264 highway emergencies as well as a range of other improvement and maintenance work out on the Island’s highway network.

Paul Herbert, Service Director at Island Roads said: “We always welcome feedback from local residents about any aspects of our service and hope that people will take the time to complete our survey to share their thoughts with us about both what we’re doing well, as well as those things which they feel we could improve on.

“I think residents are beginning to understand that our PFI programme of work is about much more than road improvements and it’s very important to us that we deliver a service across the full scope of our work that is both high quality and valued by local residents and at an equal rate of improvement across the Island as envisaged by the Isle of Wight Council.”

The survey can be completed online via Island Roads’ website or via and the link to the survey will also be made available on Island Roads Twitter feed.  Paper versions of the survey will also be available from the visitor centre at St Christopher’s House, Daish Way, Newport. The survey will close on 28th February 2015.