Residents learn more about Wootton Bridge scheme.

Posted on: June 22, 2019 at 3:23 am
Wootton residents view the plans to strengthen Wootton Bridge

More than 30 residents attended an event to explain Island Roads’ plan to strengthen Wootton Bridge.

Island Roads staff took the company’s mobile visitor centre to Lakeside Park Hotel at Wootton last week to display plans to repair the bridge and to answer any questions raised by residents.

Work on the bridge is expected, provided the necessary consents are granted, to begin next month and be completed in February.

The scheme will involve the sympathetic upgrade of the bridge parapets to meet modern day national standards and engineering measures to strengthen the overall structure.

The work will mean that lorries which currently have to take a significant detour via a diversion will once again be able to use the bridge and the temporary 20 mph speed limit lifted.

Island Roads structures engineer Joanne Huett said: “The current condition of the bridge and our plans to strengthen it clearly have an impact on road users and Wootton residents and we are determined to keep them updated on progress.

“I think residents welcomed the opportunity to hear more about the plans and they were particulary pleased that we do not envisage a full road closure will be necessary for us to undertake the remedial work.”