Residents’ support sought as pavement improvement works continue across the Island

Posted on: June 21, 2019 at 9:03 pm

Island Roads is appealing to residents and landowners to keep pavements clear of overhanging bushes and hedges from their properties to ensure the safety of passers-by, and to enable works to be undertaken as it continues its programme of improvement works across the Island.

Under Section 154 of the Highway’s Act 1980, residents are responsible for ensuring that hedges and other vegetation which overhangs the pavement or road from their property is kept cut back and maintained in order that it does not endanger or obstruct pedestrians using the pavements, or endanger or obstruct vehicles using the road.

As Island Roads continues its programme of pavement upgrade works across the Island, six additional dedicated crews have been employed to focus on these works to ensure that significant progress can be made.

It is anticipated that around 668 pavement upgrade schemes will have been completed by the end of the year.

Paul Herbert, Island Roads service director, said: “Whilst our programme of work to improve the Island’s roads continues, we are also engaged in a significant amount of work to upgrade pavements around the Island to benefit pedestrians and other users.

“As this work intensifies we ask residents to cut back and maintain overhanging trees or vegetation on their property or land so that people can use the Island’s pavements and highways safely.  It can be a particular hazard for anyone who is partially sighted and for those trying to push wheelchairs or prams and buggies along the pavements.”