Storm threat leads to road closure

Posted on: February 14, 2020 at 3:54 pm Photo showing two Island Roads vans attending the site of a fallen tree to undertake emergency clearance works

As a safety precaution, the Middle Road at Apesdown Cuttings is to be closed this weekend given the high winds expected as Storm Dennis blows in.

In each of the last three named storms, trees at Apesdown Cuttings have blown onto the highway.  In consultation with the IW Council, Island Roads will therefore close the section of road until Storm Dennis passes, at which point any action needed to remove trees or branches that pose a safety risk will be taken.

While the road will be closed as a through-road from Calbourne to Newport, access to properties and businesses including the Blacksmiths Arms will be maintained.

Dave Wallis, Island Roads operations and maintenance manager said: “Residents will be aware that there have been several serious incidents recently involving trees falling onto the highway at this location. Following emergency works that were undertaken this week due to damage sustained from storm Ciara, we commissioned a specialist bat survey, the outcome of which has indicated that we can proceed with further works that will be required.

“However, given the forecast of Storm Dennis arriving this weekend, we have taken the decision to close the section of road through Apesdown Cuttings as a precautionary measure while the winds remain strong and until we can safely complete our works.

“The actual timing of this closure will depend on the weather and we will obviously seek to minimise disruption while at the same time prioritising the safety of those using the network.

“We will announce details of the closure prior to it coming into force but based on the current forecast this is likely to be on Saturday morning  at 9am.

“With the recent incidents, we hope residents and regular users of this road will appreciate the need to close the road is in the interest of public safety. Our works will resume once the storm has passed and it is safe for us to complete them.”