Road improvements begin in the New Year

Posted on: December 22, 2023 at 2:06 pm

Island Roads will hit the ground running in the New Year with three highway improvement schemes beginning early in January.

The projects are at Station Road, Wootton, Eddington Road, St Helens and Carisbrooke High Street/Calbourne Road which are all part of Island’s strategic road network.

In each case, deep excavations are required to address the underlying ground conditions that have caused the highway to deteriorate in some areas.

Though this means the sites will be closed as through roads for the duration of the work period, the need for future maintenance should be reduced.

In each of the schemes, the work is being done in phases to reduce disruption. Access will be maintained to properties wherever it is safe to do so.

Work at Eddington Road is scheduled to begin on Tuesday January 2 and expected to last 20 working days. Work will be done in two phases – between Upper Green Road and Nodes Point Holiday Park (approx. 18 days) and then between Kerry Field and St Helens Church (approx. two days).

Work at Station Road is also scheduled to begin on January 2 and is expected to last 14 working days. Phase One is between Briddlesford Road and Littletown Lane (approx. five days) and Phase Two between Packsfield Lane and Wootton High Street which is expected to last nine days.

Work on Carisbrooke High Street/Calbourne Road is also due to begin on January 2 and be split into two phases, the first in Carisbrooke High Street between Priory Road and School Lane (two days) and the second phase in Calbourne between Betty Haunt Lane and Rowridge Lane (3 days).

There will be no work at weekends but because of the deep excavations required, it will not be possible to re-open the roads during the construction periods. For reasons such as inclement winter weather and the ground conditions experienced on site, the schedules are subject to change.

An Island Roads spokesman said: “Because we seek to limit our work in the summer season so as not to impact unduly on tourism, it does mean we have to concentrate work in the remainder of the year, including during the winter.

“Consequently, we will see plenty of highway improvement activity right at the start of the year. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience but it is important we continue to invest in ensuring our-most used roads are maintained in good condition.”