Road sign visibility put to the test on island roads to improve road safety

Posted on: June 21, 2019 at 7:59 pm

Work using hi-tech equipment to test how visible the Island’s road signs are at night and in poor weather is about to begin.

The tests by Island Roads use, for the first time on the Island, specialist equipment called a retro-reflectometer. The purchase of the equipment is part of Island Roads’ commitment to using the latest technology to help ensure the Island’s road network is as safe as possible.

The data gained from the tests will help Island Roads determine whether the signs are as reflective as they should be and to earmark any that may need to be replaced as part of Island Roads’ ongoing review of signage.

Kevin Burton, Island Roads network manager, said: “In the coming weeks we will be out and about across the Island using the new equipment as part of a number of steps we are taking to review highway signage.

“The data collected will help us ensure these signs reach the required standards of reflectivity to help keep motorists safe as they drive around the Island’s road network.”