Road survey work underway

Posted on: May 10, 2023 at 2:45 pm

Virtually the entire road network on the Island is currently being independently surveyed to help decide where future highway improvement investment is most needed.

The survey is being undertaken by Bristol-based experts WDM who have been conducting the annual hi-tech scanner survey for many years.

Data is gathered by a series of lasers that are attached to the underside of a specially-modified vehicle which has been surveying all accessible roads for the past two weeks.

The road condition Information gathered is shared with both Island Roads and the IW Council in an industry-standard format allowing the current state of the overall network to be accurately assessed as well as identifying those areas most in need of attention.

The annual survey is a requirement of the Highway PFI contract and is in addition to the ongoing routine inspections carried out by Island Roads’ trained highways staff.

Government data shows the Island’s roads have gone from among the worst in England to becoming the third best condition local authority-managed A roads and joint first condition B and C roads.

An Island Roads spokesperson said: “People may have noticed the distinctive vehicle making its progress across the Island.

“It surveys all roads it can access – around 90 percent of the network – with the remainder being done by visual inspection.

“The annual survey is an important part of the ongoing work both to understand the condition of the road and to plan the most effective maintenance programme.”