Roads being upgraded in all four points of the Island

Posted on: June 21, 2019 at 9:01 pm

Roads in all four points of the Island – serving Wroxall, Thorley, Cowes and Seaview – are among the latest earmarked for improvement under the highways PFI.

Island Roads is planning to resurface St John’s Road, between Whitely Bank and the IW Donkey Sanctuary in an overnight scheme scheduled to last seven days and planned to start mid-September.

A section of the main road at Thorley between Lee Farm and Blacksmiths Lane is due to be resurfaced under a daytime scheme also scheduled to start in mid-September and due to last four days.

Nodes Road, Northwood, one of the main routes into Cowes, is to be resurfaced between Newport Road and Cranleigh Gardens in an overnight scheme lasting six nights which is due to start early in September.

Old Seaview Lane is due to be reconstructed and resurfaced in a further daytime scheme scheduled to last 16 days and beginning late September/early October. When the reconstruction is complete the road will be resurfaced.

Further details of the schemes will be given in hand-delivered letters to local residents and also displayed on yellow information boards at each location prior to work commencing.  Some preparatory works will be undertaken in each location prior to the main scheme taking place.

Keith Gourlay, Island Roads construction manager, said: “Our programme of work to improve all types of roads continues apace across the Island. We endeavour to give road users as much advance notice as possible as we appreciate that this work can cause some temporary inconvenience.  We do appreciate the community’s patience whilst these schemes are undertaken and sincerely hope any short-term inconvenience will be outweighed by the benefits of improving these roads.

“With the weather as wet as it has been recently, the programme is subject to change but the latest information will be displayed on the on-site information boards.”


Further details of forthcoming works are available at