School routes set to be resurfaced during summer holiday

Posted on: June 22, 2019 at 3:08 pm
Furrlongs in Newport which is soon to be resurfaced

A number of key roads around Island schools are scheduled to be resurfaced during the forthcoming summer holidays to minimise term-time disruption to staff, pupils and parents.

The roads, which include Furrlongs, Newport; Perowne Way, Sandown; Watergate Road, Newport; Recreation Ground Road, Newport and Wilver Road, Newport are all due to receive carriageway improvements over the school summer holiday period that starts later this month.

Residents in the area will shortly be receiving letters about the daytime work and signs on site will indicate the precise timing of the works and any necessary diversions.

Keith Gourlay, Construction Manager at Island Roads explained: “Wherever practical, we try to schedule our works to minimise disruption and these roads are a case in point. Given the locations, we would endeavour to avoid work during term time because of the impact it would have in terms of the school communities.

“For various reasons, it is not always possible to avoid work near schools during term times but we do look to concentrate work around holidays in these areas where we can.

“We appreciate that there will still be some disruption to local residents and we thank them for their patience during this time and hope that the whole community will notice the visible improvements made at the end of this work.”