Section of busy Northwood road to be upgraded

Posted on: August 29, 2019 at 2:24 pm
Newport Road, Northwood, before works started

A section of the busy Cowes to Newport road is to be upgraded next month.

The section between Medham Farm Lane and Coronation Avenue at Northwood will be excavated and rebuilt as well as resurfaced by Island Road in a scheme lasting around three weeks during September. The additional construction work is designed to address historic issues with weak foundations at the location which has contributed to the poor condition of the road.

Given the busy nature of the road, the excavation and reconstruction work will be undertaken under temporary traffic lights to avoid the need for a road closure. Because of the depth of excavation required, these lights will remain in place seven days a week as it will not be possible to open the road fully even when work is not taking place. The resurfacing element will be undertaken over two nights and with the shorter working times – between 10pm and 5am – again to minimise disruption to road users.

Keith Gourlay, Island Roads construction manager said: “This section of road is extremely busy and those who use it will be well aware it is in need of improvement.

“The planned work is an extensive project but one that will restore a smooth surface and also address the underlying ground conditions that have contributed to the uneven and poor surface at the location.

“Because the work involves reconstruction as well as resurfacing it will take up to three weeks to complete. There will, inevitably, be some disruption during work despite the steps we have taken to minimise this.

“We hope that residents will agree that the road here really does need improving and appreciate that it is best to undertake a long-term solution to rebuild as well as resurface this section. This forthcoming work is designed to prevent us from having to treat this road again for many years to come.”

Though the work programme, like any other scheme, is subject to change, it is currently envisaged the reconstruction phase (under traffic lights) will begin early in September for 15 days. There will be no work at weekends. The resurfacing phase will follow on and is planned for two nights (10pm to 5am) under the closure.