Upgrade for Medina Way

Posted on: June 22, 2019 at 4:26 am

The first phase of work to upgrade Medina Way at Newport, including Medina Bridge which supports the dual carriageway, has been completed.

The work by Island Roads was the first of three planned phases all of which will be carried out overnight in order to reduce disruption as required by the Highways PFI contract.

The initial phase was completed over two nights last week and was largely preparation ahead of the main project.  Ultimately, the metal joint in the bridge that allows expansion and contraction during temperature changes, will be removed and replaced.

This preparation work comes ahead of the resurfacing of the southern section of Medina Way in both directions between Coppins Bridge and the junctions with Riverway/Holyrood Street.  This work, scheduled to begin in early to mid-July, will also be done overnight and is expected to last five nights.

The final scheme phase, which can only be done when the new surface is laid, is to replace the bridge joint. This will again be undertaken in an overnight scheme in August and will involve traffic management.  Further details of phases two and three will be released in advance of work starting.

“We are well aware that the dual carriageway is an extremely busy section of the Island’s road network and we will working overnight do reduce the impact of this scheme,” said Island Roads structures manager Ian Hodson.