Volunteers sought to review Island road works sites

Posted on: June 21, 2019 at 8:12 pm

Island Roads is looking for more lay assessors to assist them with reviewing work sites both during and after works.

As part of the Highways PFI, the lay assessors are trained to inspect designated work sites. Acting as ‘mystery shoppers’ they provide feedback on work-related issues including safety, quality, accessibility and good working practices. The local scheme was an award winner in the recent Eurovia Innovation Awards recognising the involvement of the local community in the work of Island Roads.

And with the amount of highway improvement work about to ramp up to unprecedented levels, Island Roads is keen to ensure its team of lay assessors is reinforced with new members.

Anyone interested in the role can apply; men or women, younger or older. Full training is given and the role requires assessors to give, on average, one day a month of their time.

“Feedback from residents about our work is important to us as we are constantly striving to offer the best possible service,” said Tracy Ringer, Performance Manager.

“We feel structured input from lay persons is very valuable to us and their feedback has helped us change the way we operate. For example, comments from lay assessments were fundamental in a move last year to change the way in which we put out road signs to give advance warnings of work.”

Island Roads is keen to recruit a new batch of assessors as it is wants to ensure the team retains a fresh approach to the unplanned inspections.

Tracy added: “We would like to thank our initial group of assessors for their time, effort and contribution to our aim of providing a very high quality service for the Island. While some will be continuing their work we would like to, at the same time, see some new members joining the team.”

Anyone interested in becoming a lay assessor should contact Island Roads on 822440, or email info@islandroads.com and leave their details.  Information sessions will be held on 11th or 16th March.