Wootton Bridge scheme to finish on schedule

Posted on: June 22, 2019 at 3:51 am
Work in progress on Wootton Bridge

A stretch of the main road through Wootton is to be resurfaced to coincide with the end of works to strengthen Wootton Bridge.

The completion of the strengthening work will mean that the speed and weight restrictions that have been in place, sending many HGVs on a long diversion, can be lifted.
The resurfacing work, which will be carried out overnight to reduce disruption, will be undertaken in two phases. The first phase from Fishbourne Lane to Wootton Bridge will begin on February 15 and is scheduled to last five nights.
The second phase from Wootton Bridge to New Road will begin on February 22 and is expected to last two nights. Work on both phases will be undertaken between the hours of 19.30 and 06:00.
The work to strengthen Wootton Bridge is running to schedule and is expected to be completed on February 19 when the current weight and speed restrictions can be lifted.
Keith Gourlay, Construction Manager said: “We are required to improve the surface of this busy stretch of road under the PFI contract and have taken the decision to do it now, largely when (HGV) restrictions are already in place because of the bridge work. We realise this will cause some disruption but have scheduled the work to be undertaken at night in order to keep this to a minimum. We would like to thank residents in advance for their understanding.”
Cllr Phil Jordan, IW Council executive member with responsibility for the Highways PFI said: “It is great to see the end of this project now in sight, with minimum impact to the main holiday season.
“We do appreciate that the restrictions have been an inconvenience to residents and businesses and we would like to thank them for their patience during the work. I have received many positive comments about the work and I am pleased we can return to some normality here very soon.”
Island Roads’ mobile visitor centre will be at the Lakeside Hotel on Thursday 11th February from 15.00 – 18.00, when there will be an opportunity to come and view the diversion plans and discuss the works.
During the resurfacing work, the following diversions will apply:
The diversion to Fishbourne/Ryde-bound traffic will be from Wootton via Arreton, Lake, Brading and Ryde.  The exact diversion route is: High Street, Wooton, Station Road, Wootton, Briddlesford Road, Downend Road, Main Road, Arreton, Newport Road, Shanklin, Newport Road, Lake, Sandown Road, Broadway/ (Perowne Way vehicles over 14’.3), Morton Road, Brading, New Road, High Street Brading, Rowborough Lane, Beacon Shute, Brading Road, Great Preston Road, Alexander Road, St Johns Hill, St Johns Road, Green Street, Argyll Street, Binstead Road, Binstead Hill, Quarr Hill, Eleanors Grove.
Newport traffic will be diverted (VMS) from Coppins Bridge, to follow the main diversion.
The diversion to Newport/East Cowes-bound traffic will be from Ryde, Brading, Lake, Arreton.  The exact diversion will be: Fishbourne Lane, Eleanors Grove, Quarr Hill, Binstead Hill, Binstead Road, Argyll Street, Green Street, St Johns Road, St Johns Hill, Alexandra Road, Appley Road, Marlborough Road, Brading Road, Beacon Shute, Rowborough Lane, High Street, Brading, new Road, Morton Road, Broadway, Sandown Road, Lake, Newport Road, Arreton, Downend Road.
HGVs exceptions to the route to avoid low bridge at Avenue Road Sandown, will be via Perowne Way, The Fairway, Station Approach and will then re-join the main diversion.