Work to reduce highway flooding underway

Posted on: June 21, 2019 at 8:14 pm

Work begins today (Monday 9) to address surface water flooding on Quarr Hill at Binstead.

The scheme by Island Roads, which will involve replacing a damaged culvert and improving drainage ditches either side of the highway, is expected to be complete by the weekend.

The work is being undertaken at night (between 7.30 and 7am) in order to reduce disruption. Between these times, a diversion route via Kite Hill and High Street (Wootton), Station Road, Briddlesford Road, Mersley Down Road, Ashey Road, Swanmore Road, West Street, Argyll Street, Pellhurst Road, Binstead Road and Binstead Hill will be in place.During the day the road will be open to traffic and controlled by lights.

The work to improve drainage has become necessary after investigations by Island Roads into the cause of flooding at the location during periods of high rainfall revealed the existing culvert to be damaged. The project will include excavation to a depth of around two metres and the instillation of a new culvert with surrounding rainwater ditches also improved.

Operations manager Dave Wallis, said: “The scale and nature of the project is such that a full road closure is required but we have scheduled the work at night-time and outside of the holiday season to minimise disruption. “While the road closure has been advertised until Friday, we will make every effort to finish the work sooner if at all possible. We would like to thank residents in advance for the patience and hope that they will quickly see the benefits of undertaking this drainage work.”