Work to refurbish Yarmouth Bridge is progressing well.

Posted on: December 6, 2019 at 3:51 pm
Yarmouth Bridge

Island Roads has since late June been undertaking a major project to repaint the 90-metre structure.

It is the first time the bridge has been stripped back to the metal and completely repainted since it was built nearly 35 years ago.

The work has involved applying primer, undercoat and top coat to an estimated 2,100 square metres of steelwork that forms the bridge structure. Around 2,500 litres of paint are being used.

The project is the largest single scheme being undertaken as part of Island Roads’ structures improvement programme this year in which dozens of bridges and retaining walls are being improved and upgraded.The scheme has been phased so its most disruptive elements are undertaken outside of the main holiday season.

The structure is currently in its locked position (unable to open to accommodate boats underneath) while the underside of the middle ‘swing span’ opening section is treated.

However between December 16 and December 22, the bridge will be closed to road traffic while the ends of the swinging section are stripped back and repainted. This will mark the completion of the scheme.  Pedestrians however will be able to use the bridge outside working hours between 6pm and 8am each day.

During this closure the usual diversion route will be in place via A3054 Bridge Road, River Road, Tennyson Road and Bouldnor Road, B3401 Thorley Road, Wilmingham Lane, B3399 Newport Road, A3055 Afton Road, School Green Road, Tennyson Road and The Avenue, A3054 Colwell Road, Hill Lane and Halletts Shute. Light traffic up to 6ft 6in in width can also use Hooke Hill, Copse Lane and Pixley Hill.


Work on the bridge is nearing completion and will therefore finish ahead of schedule.  The bridge will therefore be open again today (20 December 2019) from 3pm.  Thank you for your patience as we completed these works.